nexus effect 3

The Nexus Effect always starts with the PROPERTY.

The process begins by understanding the clients’ property or portfolio before advising on a course of action.

Nexus effect two

The second step of the Nexus Effect is applying our DUE DILIGENCE.

Most of the properties on offer are suited to differing investor classes. Understanding the opportunities surrounding a property allows us to accurately assess value and formulate an asset specific marketing campaign.

Nexus effect three

The third step involves the SALES CAMPAIGN,
with the starting point of any successful campaign being a realistic price expectation. The sales process utilises a unique approach to cover the entire spectrum of potential purchasers thereby ensuring that maximum value is realised, whether through AUCTION or PRIVATE TREATY

Nexus effect

The final step of the Nexus Effect is, of course, making sure your property is SOLD.

Nexus effect are 3 steps we take to your property being sold